CMEC’s Most Beautiful Workers on Overseas Frontline

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On this extraordinary Labour Day, the most beautiful workers are working on CMEC’s overseas project sites. They are on the front line of fighting the epidemic and boosting production, with a touching picture of CMEC’s overseas workers formed.

  Niger | Liu Yuanxin: The Hero of the Development Project

Liu Yuanxin, who joined CMEC in 2015, is the head of CMEC Kenya.

In January 2020, CMEC participated in the bidding for the Kandadji Hydropower Project in Niger. To follow up the project, Liu Yuanxin resolutely flew to Niamey, Niger’s capital, on March 6 despite the spread of the covid-19 in Africa.

On March 17, the Niger government grounded all international flights and closed the border due to the pandemic. Leaders and colleagues urged Liu Yuanxin to withdraw, but he voluntarily gave up the chance to leave Niger on the last flight and stayed there to continue tracking and advancing the project. He said: "This project opportunity has not been easy to come by. The project is of great significance to CMEC. Now that the project has been developed at a critical stage, we cannot give up halfway.”

CMEC did not have an office in Niger. Mr. Liu, 35, resisted the pressure of the epidemic and fought alone in Niger. Niger’s economic level is backward, hotel conditions are poor, and the weather is hot. Liu’s kidney stone disease recurred, and the terrible pain did not allow him to keep his waist straight. However, he still stuck to his post, maintained close contact with customers, and worked hard to bolster the development of Kandadji Project.

What Liu Yuanxin has shouldered and fulfilled epitomizes CMEC’s spirit of “enduring hardship and overcoming difficulties.”

  Pakistan | Cao Ping: A Rose Blooms Brilliantly in Desert

CMEC Thar Coal Mine Project is located in Pakistan’s Thar Desert. In this desert, the Chinese women workers on the project site are like lovely “desert roses.” Cao Ping, the design engineer of the production department, is among them. Ms. Cao, who cares for her colleagues like a big sister in her daily life, is called “Sister Ping.” This time, she has been working on the site for nearly eight months.

The sudden epidemic prevented colleagues planning to return to China for vacation from returning on time. Some equipment could not be put in place timely, with the production pressure surging. At this time, Cao alone took up the workload of two or three people, winning people’s applause of “she is as excellent as her male peers.”

She works in the mine every day, communicating the design ideas and requirements with the stripping unit and correcting the deviation in the stripping operation. At night, she returns to the office and begins to sit in front of the computer to do mining design. It is normal for her to work overtime, and everyone can still see her in the office very late. She has always been fighting in the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, showing tenacity in the desert. She always said that as a Party member, it is incumbent upon her to take the lead in the current battle against the epidemic.

  Iraq | Zhao Haizhi: Bravely Shouldering Responsibility and Sticking to the Front-line Post

Zhao Haizhi, who joined CMEC in 2016, a post-90s starting his professional career in Iraq in December of the year, participated in the construction of the 2X630MW oil-fired gas power station in Salah-Aldeen.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, he stayed alone in CMEC’s Representative Office in Iraq. Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the Iraqi government began to restrict the entry of Chinese citizens from February 3, hindering the return of leaders and colleagues of the representative office. At that time, he resisted great psychological pressure and chose to stick to his post.

He carefully understood the domestic epidemic, learned prevention knowledge, and maintained smooth contact with the embassy, the domestic project department and the project site. He visited the local medical supplies market and, after reporting to the project department leader, purchased some epidemic prevention materials for the site in advance. After the domestic epidemic situation was brought under control, he had the opportunity to explain to the local people China’s epidemic prevention and control experience, spread positive energy and eliminate some people’s wrong understanding and views.

Soon there was also an epidemic in Iraq. Due to years of turmoil in Iraq, the epidemic prevention and control were very difficult. In addition to completing his work every day, Zhao also paid attention to the development of the Iraqi epidemic, reported regularly to domestic leaders, maintained communication with the site, taught local employees about epidemic prevention knowledge, and distributed masks and alcohol to them. Besides, he also engaged with the China-Iraq Chamber of Commerce to order epidemic prevention items for CMEC’s several projects in Iraq.

Currently, the epidemic situation in Iraq is not over yet, and the awareness of epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed. Mr. Zhao Haizhi is still fighting in his post with an unflinching determination.

  Bahrain | Li Wenrui: Doing Everything in His Power to Push Forward the Project

As a business developer of CMEC’s Urban Construction Division, Mr. Li Wenrui joined the CMEC family in 2015. Since October 2015, he has been stationed in Bahrain to be fully responsible for the project development of the Bahrain market, with a focus on the development of affordable housing projects in eastern Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain. “We should work hard at our posts and return home after the success of projects.” During the four-year project development, Li has been sticking to his post in Bahrain, developing and advancing projects. He has made outstanding contributions to project development, negotiation and signing.

In December 2019, after the Bahrain Affordable Housing Project Contract was successfully signed, Mr. Li, as a business manager, was mainly responsible for the business, bidding and procurement of the project. He organized the bidding and inquiry of the project in the first place and returned to China after issuing inquiry documents to 20-plus local subcontractors to be invited in early January 2020. After the Spring Festival, Li Wenrui immediately requested to return to Bahrain to carry out on-site work and completed the exit approval process on February 12 according to CMEC’s requirements for epidemic prevention.

Unfortunately, the Bahraini government announced on the same day that it would ban foreigners from China and other affected countries from entering the country. Faced with the situation that he could not return to Bahrain, Li did not give up and began to break through the obstacles of closing the country through various communication methods such as telephone, mail and video conference. He completed 6 rounds of answering questions, video bidding and bid opening with 20-odd bidders in a timely manner through online methods. Later, local and domestic units were organized to complete the inquiry review respectively, which won precious time for the formal bidding and early commencement of follow-up projects.

“The epidemic situation does not wait for people, nor do the implementation of the project,” he explained the fighting spirit of CMEC people who dare to take on the responsibility and keep on fighting despite setbacks.

  Namibia | Liu Yukun: Working Hard in Africa

Mr. Liu Yukun, the operation manager of CMEC’ s Namibia subsidiary, is in charge of the overall work and the development and operation of peripheral market business of the South African Development Community (SADC).

In January 2020, at a time when Congo gold mine developed by China Railway Resources Group was under construction and delivery peak as well as CMEC conducted the negotiation of the shipping contract with Africa’s largest investment entity CGN’s Swakop Uranium Pty, Mr. Liu, who has not taken any vacation for nearly 2 years, once again gave up the opportunity of Spring Festival vacation and communicated with customers as the only Chinese employee of the subsidiary in order to better track the bidding and implementation of the project. He said: “Under the epidemic situation, we must maintain a good customer relationship and carry out CMEC’s normal business. The main business must not be affected by the epidemic.”

In March, the covid-19 epidemic began to spread in Africa. Liu followed the instructions of the local embassy and the head office, strictly implemented the relevant regulations for overseas epidemic prevention and control, organized meetings in a timely manner, learned epidemic prevention knowledge, and distributed anti-epidemic materials, which were well recognized by local employees and peers, demonstrating CMEC’s good social responsibility.

Also, in the epidemic prevention and control, Liu also tried every means to carry out local business and obtain work permits from the government during the epidemic to ensure the preservation and appreciation of overseas state-owned assets.