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Company Leaders Meet with Yumen Municipal Party Committee Secretary

Release time:2021-07-16 Article source: Reading times: Text size:【A+AA-

At CMEC headquarters on July 15, CMEC deputy Party secretary and President Fang Yanshui and vice president Xie Ke met with Hu Zhiyong, secretary of Yumen Municipal Party Committee and He Shicai, Party secretary and chairman of Yumen Municipal Committee of CPPCC. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on new energy projects in Yumen.

After extending a warm welcome to the Yumen delegation headed by Hu Zhiyong and He Shicai, Fang Yanshui introduced the development history of CMEC and its business development at home and abroad in recent years. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation in new-energy power generation, electrochemical energy storage, compressed air energy storage, hydrogen energy and other infrastructure fields.

Hu Zhiyong thanked CMEC for its warm reception, and then introduced the overall situation of Yumen City, its new-energy development planning, and the problems faced by the city in its efforts for "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". He welcomed CMEC to participate in Yumen’s major infrastructure construction, strengthen communication and cooperation with the locality in new-energy power generation projects, and contribute to the local economic development. Hu also invited the CMEC leaders to visit Yumen.

Members of the Yumen delegation also include Lu Qiang, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, and Wei Hai, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.