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Company Leaders Visit SINOMACH Metals Jiangsu Co., Ltd

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On June 23, CMEC deputy Party secretary and President Fang Yanshui led a team to SINOMACH Metals Jiangsu Co., Ltd., a joint-stock enterprise of CMIPC, for investigation. Liu Qingbin, Party secretary and chairman of SINOMACH Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Director of SINOMACH), Wang Dongzhe, general manager of Chongqing Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Chairman of SINOMACH), and Gao Xin, general manager of SINOMACH Metals, received Fang Yanshui and his party.

First, Fang Yanshui listened to a work report of SINOMACH Metals. He asked in detail about its production, operation, development planning and Party building, and had an in-depth discussion with Liu Qingbin on the company’s future development. Fang affirmed the achievements the company made in recently years, and put forward requirements and suggestions for its current and future development. Special alloy manufacturing that the company focuses on is a bottleneck problem in the field of alloy materials in China, he pointed out. As a first-class brand of SINOMACH, the company, based on its advantages of Party building and mixed ownership and technically supported by SINOMACH Science and Technology Research Institute and Chongqing Materials Research Institute, is sure to have a broad development prospect, and CMEC will, as always, cooperate with all shareholders to support the development of SINOMACH Metals and jointly build it into an industry benchmark enterprise, Fang said.

After the meeting, Fang visited and investigated the production workshops of SINOMACH Metals, and strictly put forward work safety requirements: From top to bottom, all staff members of SINOMACH Metals must conscientiously study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on work safety, and unconditionally meet the highest standard and the most rigorous requirement without compromise.