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CMEC Leaders Go to Jiangyin for Coordination and Exchange

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On June 23, CMEC deputy Party secretary and President Fang Yanshui led a team to Jiangyin City, and had an exchange with Chen Xinghua, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee and deputy Party secretary of Jiangyin High-tech Zone, Jiang Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, and Xue Jian, Party secretary and chairman of Jiangyin New Guolian Group.

During the discussion with the leaders of the municipal government, Jiang Qiang first welcomed Fang Yanshui and his party, and then comprehensively introduced the city of Jiangyin from seven dimensions, expressing the hope for in-depth cooperation with CMEC in urban infrastructure construction, high-end manufacturing, carbon reduction and neutralization. After a brief introduction about the historical evolution and strategic development vision of CMEC, Fang Yanshui said that in terms of economic scale, Jiangyin ranks among the top 100 county-level cities in China, and its overall development plan highly agree with CMEC's business characteristics. Since investing in SINOMACH Metals in 2016, CMEC has been hoping to enhance cooperation with Jiangyin to jointly create a model for cooperation between central and local SOEs.

Afterwards, Fang Yanshui visited Jiangyin New Guolian Group and Jiangyin High-tech Zone Management Committee, and had in-depth, multi-angle and all-round discussions and exchanges with Chen Xinghua and Xue Jian on the fields and modes of cooperation.