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The items we haul for you

Prompt delivery anywhere for almost anything

We'll move over mountains and prairies and everything in between to get your large, heavy duty items delivered in perfect shape and on time.

Whether you need to ship multiple vehicles at the same time or large pieces of farm equipment, our state-of-the-art towing vehicles can handle just about any load.

Dalton's Towing & Recovery LLC

  • Farm & Agricultural equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Cars, Trucks, and Vans
  • Buses and motor homes

Safe and sound whenever
​you need to go

Our professional long haulers are there to tackle any job. They pride themselves on quality work and not the quantity of how much they can deliver. Pay an hourly rate, plus tolls, and know you won't drain your wallet.

We'll Go The Extra Mile For You!

Call us for 24-hour roadside assistance
No Matter How Near Or Far, We Can Tow Your Truck Or Car


Getting those large items 
​near or far

If you have large items, but don't need to haul them long distances, we're still hear for you with our superior lift hauling services that gets the job done right.